Media Delegation from Honduras Visits Yiwu
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Media Delegation from Honduras Visits Yiwu

Carlos Javier Estrada, Deputy Minister of Information at the Presidential Palace of Honduras and Director of National Television, highly praised the live-streaming sales model for agricultural products and even became a temporary host himself.


A journalist from the group of media representatives from Honduras interviews international students at Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College (YWICC) on site (on the right).

The media delegation gained insight into the effective practices and successful experiences of grassroots governance in the Jimingshan Community through various methods, such as watching promotional videos, visiting on-site, and receiving explanations.


During the visit to YWICC, the media delegation had a friendly exchange with representatives of international students to gain an understanding of their academic and personal experiences in Yiwu.


The media delegation observed live-streaming sales and continuously documented the process by taking pictures and filming videos.


Carlos Javier Estrada took a group photo with representatives of students from YWICC as a souvenir.



Before departing, the media delegation left behind a group photo with the words “Unforgettable Trip to Yiwu.”


With the goal of encouraging young students from Honduras to pursue further education in Yiwu, the media delegation shared the joyful experiences of international students studying and living at YWICC.


On May 5-6, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a group of media representatives from Honduras to visit Yiwu. On May 5, the group of media representatives from Honduras visited YWICC. They visited the Cloud Broadcasting Agricultural Assistance Live Room, Youth Innovation Space, Rural E-commerce Studio, Cross border E-commerce Studio, and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Youth E-commerce Entrepreneurship Practice Base successively. During the visit, they had the opportunity to experience live streaming sales, interview Chinese and foreign teachers and students, take photos and videos, and record their thoughts and feelings in their own way.

On the morning of May 6, the group of media representatives from Honduras walked into the Yiwu International Trade City and experienced the extraordinary vitality of the “World Supermarket,” with shopping corridors that seemed to have no end, an array of goods, and customers from different countries.

On March 26 of this year, Honduras officially established ambassador-level diplomatic relations with China. At the end of April and beginning of May, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a group of mainstream media representatives from Honduras to visit China. This was the first delegation to visit China since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Honduras and China. During the visit, a group of 14 representatives from more than 10 mainstream media outlets in Honduras, including TV Azteca and VTV, visited Zhejiang Province from May 3rd to May 6th. While in Yiwu, the media delegation visited various places, such as the Jimingshan Community, YWICC, International Land-Port E-Commerce City, Yiwu Railway Port, Chen Wangdao’s Former Residence, Fotang Ancient Town, and Yiwu International Trade City. (By Gong Yingying)

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