Conference on Optimizing and Improving Business Environment
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On the morning of May 4, the conference for the “No. 1 Reform Project,” which aimed to improve the citywide business environment, was held. Zhu Chonglie, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, emphasized the importance of implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches on comprehensive reforms and business environment optimization. Zhu urged attendees to implement the Double-Eight Strategy, focus on excellence, aim for optimal results, raise the bar, and continuously improve the business environment. He stressed the need for collaborative effort and strong support to build an international hub city and modern metropolitan area.

Xing Zhihong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jinhua, presided over the conference, which was attended by Wang Jian, Zhang Xinyu, Li Xiongwei, Wang Zhiqiang, Li Jun, Ye Bangrui, Zhang Shaohua, and other relevant officials. During the meeting, the Municipal Party Committee Reform Office presented a report on the progress made in implementing the “No. 1 Reform Project” aimed at optimizing and improving the city’s business environment. Representatives from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Government Affairs Office, Wucheng District, Yiwu City, and Pujiang County also participated in the conference and delivered speeches.

Zhu Chonglie emphasized that all departments and regions should focus on the “1+5+12+N” system and implement the provincial-level work plan comprehensively. They should learn from advanced regions such as Hangzhou, Ningbo, and other areas in China to optimize and upgrade the business environment, using these regions as benchmarks. Departments should also address their shortcomings and promote improvements. Zhu Chonglie stressed the importance of focusing on service improvement by enhancing the quality and efficiency of approval, upgrading policy supply, and optimizing enterprise-related services. The comprehensive reform of investment project approval services will be a key breakthrough, and a series of Jinhua-specific policies will be launched, creating an efficient and value-added political environment, striving for excellence. Zhu Chonglie emphasized the importance of solving key issues related to “enforcement difficulties, compliance challenges in key industries, and intellectual property disputes.” To address these challenges, promote the “three-in-one” enterprise compliance reform. He also stressed the need to improve the legal service system and take the lead in creating a fair and transparent legal environment, striving for excellence. Zhu Chonglie also highlighted the importance of focusing on institutional leaps by fully utilizing the market’s potential. The goal is to deepen the new round of comprehensive reform of international trade in Yiwu, open up pilot reforms and innovations in economic and financial services, and take the lead in creating a fair and orderly market environment, striving for excellence.

The conference was held via video, with separate venues set up in each county, city, district, and the Jinhua Development Zone. (By Lou Pan)

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