Zambian Students Learn about Wuyi’s Poverty Alleviation
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“Dong Chunfa has been tirelessly advocating for poverty alleviation in Wuyi for over three decades, making him an exceptional individual. His insights are valuable and listening to him would be worthwhile. I am confident that the knowledge he shares will provide valuable experiences for China’s poverty alleviation efforts in the future,” said Ms. Lillian M. Kapusana, Permanent Secretary to the Office of Vice President of Zambia.

Recently, the Seminar on Leadership Development for Zambia, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and hosted by Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU) took place at the university. As part of the program, a lecture on the poverty alleviation experiences in Wuyi was given to the students, with Dong Chunfa, former director of the county’s poverty alleviation office, invited to be the speaker. The lecture was attended by 28 students from Zambia.

The lecture was conducted primarily in a Q&A format, with the aim of helping students understand the main concepts behind Wuyi’s poverty alleviation efforts, particularly the poverty alleviation through relocation strategy. The session also aimed to address any specific policy or measure-related queries that the students may have had.

As a poverty alleviation practitioner from the grassroots and one of the earliest advocates of poverty alleviation through relocation, Dong Chunfa shared the various innovations of the Wuyi County Party Committee and government in their efforts with the visiting African friends through vivid examples and heartwarming stories. He also talked about the successful experiences of poverty alleviation through relocation in Wuyi. The atmosphere at the lecture was lively, with the students enthusiastically raising questions, taking notes, and spontaneously applauding at the exciting parts of the lecture.

At the end of the lecture, Dong Chunfa warmly invited the students to visit Wuyi and take a group photo with him. The students unanimously agreed that the exploration and practice of poverty alleviation through relocation in Wuyi has left a significant mark in China’s history of poverty alleviation. They also found Dong’s humorous and amiable personality memorable.

Shen Lihuang, deputy director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of ZJNU, said that the university will continue to promote the construction of the education for international students. More foreign students will be arranged to visit Wuyi to gain immersive experiences and on-the-ground insights into China’s remarkable achievements in poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and ecological governance. Through these experiences, they will gain a firsthand understanding of China’s unique rural development path, record their study abroad experiences, and tell more people the story of poverty alleviation in China. (By Chen Wenkan — Wuyi Daily)

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