Seminar at ZJNU for Experts from 30 African Countries
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On the morning of May 20, a special opening ceremony marked the beginning of a unique seminar at Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU). The event was filled with captivating elements such as traditional Chinese lion dance, impressive martial arts performances, and the presence of “new classmates” from nearly 30 African countries. This combination created an intriguing blend of cultures.

The event was organized by the Secretariat of the Chinese Follow-up Committee of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). It was hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of Zhejiang Provincial Government, Jinhua Municipal Government, and ZJNU. The seminar centered around the theme of Chinese modernization and African development, attracting experts and scholars from diverse fields.

In preparation for the 12th meeting of the China-Africa Think Tank Forum, the participants were involved in a range of activities over the course of ten days. These activities encompassed lectures, meetings, visits to various locations, and immersing themselves in the local culture. Through these experiences, the participants had the valuable opportunity to witness the accomplishments of China’s reform and opening-up, develop a profound understanding of Jinhua’s approach to modernization, and foster greater cooperation and exchange between China and Africa.

During the seminar, the participants had the chance to visit famous attractions such as Double Dragon Cave, the Museum, the Wuzhou Tie Dye Workshop, Yongkang Hardware Industrial Park, and Yiwu International Trade City. Jalila Hassenali, a journalist from Mauritius National Television, was born in the 1990s and is visiting China for the first time. She is eagerly looking forward to personally experiencing the captivating essence of Chinese cities. Oscar A. Nchaso Bekari, the founder of the Dream Center from Equatorial Guinea, pursued his studies at Dalian University of Technology and resided in China for six years. Through this training program, he aims to strengthen communication with Chinese media and share his firsthand experiences and observations with his hometown.

“Thank you, Jinhua, for your hospitality,” said Olalekan Augustin Babatunde, director-level researcher at the Nigerian Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, during the opening ceremony. “I am looking forward to using this special event to further promote deep cooperation between China and Africa in various fields, including economy, trade, culture, and education,” he added.

The exchanges and cooperation between Jinhua and Africa in various fields have a longstanding history. “ZJNU plays a significant role as an academic hub for African research in China, an important think tank for African affairs consultation, a vital center for talent development in Africa, and a key contributor to exchanges with the African continent,” highlighted He Hongyan, the Minister Counselor of the Department of African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (By Chen Yuedan – Jinhua Daily)

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