Int’ls Visit Suoyuan and Its Traditions
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On June 13, the School of Chinese and Social Sciences of Zhejiang Normal University organized a field trip for international students. They visited the village of Suoyuan, Lipu Town, Jindong District to experience Chinese culture. More than 30 international students from Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cameroon, and other countries participated in this activity.

Local tour guides and the social workers of the Lipu Social Work Station accompanied the international students through the typical ancient buildings like Wuben Hall and Huaide Hall. In the village, the students learned and experienced the traditions surrounding Chinese traditional weddings, tofu-making in ancient workshops, and tofu-grinding to produce soy milk. In addition, other on-site activities made students gain a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese ideas, values, moral norms, and codes of conduct.

At the end of the research activities, the international students wrote down their thoughts in Chinese and expressed their ideas on confidently promoting Chinese culture to the world. (Text and photo by Jian Jinghua—Jinhua Evening News, English text edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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