The Belt and Road Promotes Affinity
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The Jimingshan Community on Jiangdong Subdistrict, Yiwu is known as the “United Nations Community.” Nearly half of the permanent residents are foreigners. They come from 58 countries and regions and intertwine different customs and diverse cultural elements. It is a microcosm of the internationalization of this city in central Zhejiang.

The friendship between nations lies in the close relationship between the people. Only through deep cultivation can the tree of friendship and cooperation flourish. Language is a basic tool for people's communication and exchange. To facilitate the lives of foreigners, the Jimingshan Community has established a service center for overseas personnel which provides free Chinese language training five times a week. The courses teach people the most fundamental daily expressions—language needed for taking public transportation, ordering and purchasing food, and seeking medical treatment. When hosting Chinese traditional festivals, the center will also hold family fellowship and cultural week activities for the foreign community. In this way, they pass on Chinese cultural elements such as making Zongzi, cutting window decorations, and making dumplings.

The power of the spirit is infinite. Sidika, from Mali, Africa, is a student at Yiwu’s Vocational and Technical College of Business. In school, he participated in various activities and learned that Yiwu people have gone through a difficult process of entrepreneurship from being a street vendor to developing into the world's largest small commodity market. He thus understands that exchanging chicken feathers for sugar represents the courageous spirit to venture and work in Yiwu, and he also wants to be an entrepreneur. With the help of the college, he participated in the Yiwu World Business Entrepreneurship Competition and designed a project called "Cool Mali" with the aim to bring purified water products to African countries. Now, this project has been completed.

Jointly building the "the Belt and Road" pursues development and advocates win-win results. The continuous extension of the "the Belt and Road" initiative will not only make China a better place, but also make the world a better place. The miracle created by Yiwu and the birth of the United Nations community is a wonderful initiative for the world. (By Jiang Ping—Zhejiang Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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