Yongkang Held Exhibition In Poland
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“We received an order worth around 25,000 Euros on our first day, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with more than 10 customers during the exhibition,” a spokesperson for the Yongkang Jinlong Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said, who participated in the China (Poland) Trade Fair.

This is the first self-organized exhibition held by Yongkang in Europe, attracting buyers from 12 countries, including Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and more. A total of more than 50 companies participated in the exhibition, and 64 booths were displayed with the brand image of Yongkang Hardware.

As early as March 2023, under the leadership of the Yongkang Bureau of Commerce, Zhejiang Miolante Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. actively prepared and guided companies to go overseas to participate in exhibitions. At the same time, they have made use of the resources available to strengthen cooperation with more than 20 associations like the Poland Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw and the Belarusian Federation of small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs to carry out investment promotion work and launch the Yongkang Hardware brand.

During the exhibition, exhibitors received orders one after another. Yongkang Sanqianke Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in kitchen appliances, has not only retained old customers, but also attracted new customers, and is expected to achieve orders worth more than 1 million USD. Yongkang Guangxiao Trading Co., Ltd. met with more than 50 high-quality buyers on site, and the subsequent transaction volume is expected to reach 1 million USD. According to the statistics to date, the intended purchase amount of the exhibitors exceeded 32 million USD.

Participating in overseas exhibitions has become an effective way to expand international market and to vigorously implement the idea of sweet potato economy—high-growth model created by Zhejiang—to update the “No.1 Projects,” and a number of Yongkang merchants have gone overseas to seek more opportunities for development. Since the beginning of this year, Yongkang has helped about 20 companies participate in exhibitions, and over 600 people from more than 200 companies have gone overseas to expand the market, reaching intentional transactions of more than 600 million USD. (By Zhang Chenbo – Jinhua Daily, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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