The 2nd China IPv6 Innovation and Development Conference in Jinhua
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On July 3, the second China IPv6 Innovation and Development Conference opened in Jinhua. The conference’s theme was “Deepening Expertise: Broadening Horizons and Empowering Innovation.” Guests and scholars from national ministries, basic telecommunications companies, internet companies, and research institutions gathered to discuss the development of IPv6 technology innovation and integration applications in China.

At the opening ceremony, speeches were delivered by Sun Weimin, director general of the Cybersecurity Coordination Bureau of the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission; Zhao Ce, deputy director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Jiang Zhengui, deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government; and Zhu Chonglie, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. During the main forum, Wu Hequan and Wu Jianping, who are both academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), delivered keynote speeches and shared their insights. Other attendees were Chang Jian, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television; Li Yuxiao, Secretary-General of China Cyberspace Security Association; Zhang Caifang, director of the Network Information Office of the Provincial Party Committee; Xu Qing, deputy director of the Network Information Office of the Provincial Party Committee; Chen Haijiang, second level inspector of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology; Hu Haibiao, deputy director of the Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau; Chen Bo, deputy director of the Provincial Communications Administration; and city leaders Lyu Weiqiang, Li Xiongwei, Jiang Yufang, Li Binfeng, Shi Xiaomin, and others. The conference also announced the establishment of the new Expert Committee on Promoting IPv6 Scale Deployment and Application, along with its related achievements.

Sun Weimin congratulated the conference on its opening. She emphasized that IPv6 is an objective trend in the upgrading and evolution of the internet, an important direction for innovation in network technology, and a fundamental support for building a strong digital nation. She highlighted the importance of maintaining a high level of positioning and actively promoting the upgrading and transformation of network infrastructure.

Zhao Ce stated the significance of seizing the important opportunities presented by the current new wave of technological and industrial transformation. He emphasized the need to actively pursue the upgrading of the global internet and to prioritize the innovative development of the next-generation internet technology system based on IPv6. He also stressed the importance of accelerating the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy.

Jiang Zhengui said that the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government attach great importance to the innovative deployment and application development of IPv6. He highlighted the exploration and development of the “Zhejiang Experience,” which focuses on utilizing IPv6 scale deployment to promote application transformation and foster innovation.

Zhu Chonglie, representing the Municipal Party Committee and Government, welcomed the conference attendees and expressed gratitude to everyone who has supported the development of Jinhua. Jinhua views this conference as a new start and intends to strengthen its infrastructure, elevate the level of integrated applications, enhance service capabilities, and consistently strengthen its existing advantages in IPv6 scale deployment and application. The objective is to become a nationally recognized demonstration base for IPv6 innovation.

The conference was co-organized by the Expert Committee for Promoting IPv6 Scale Deployment and Application, the Cyberspace Office of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and the People’s Government of Jinhua. The conference followed a format of one main forum and seven sub-forums, offering a comprehensive presentation of the achievements in the IPv6 industry. (By Lou Pan)

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