Rio de Janeiro and Yiwu Hold Trade Cooperation Talks
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On July 24, Wang Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation that took part in the Yiwu-Rio de Janeiro Economic and Trade Cooperation Symposium. The meeting involved representatives from the Chinese community in Rio de Janeiro. The event took place at the Brazil-China Cultural Exchange Association. Guo Tiantian, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Chinese Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, and Shangguan Jianfeng, president of the Brazilian Chinese Cultural Exchange Association, also attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Guo Tiantian introduced the general situation of overseas Chinese in the region. She expressed that the Rio de Janeiro overseas community has long been supporting the economic development of their ancestral homeland while actively fulfilling their social responsibilities locally. They have successfully built strong bridges of friendship between the Chinese and Brazilian people. The Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro will continue its dedicated service to overseas Chinese. Yiwu, China, holds a global reputation, with its products widely distributed around the world. In recent years, Yiwu has been dedicated to building better platforms, enhancing services, and creating a more favorable environment to offer increased convenience to businesspeople around the globe. The Rio overseas community warmly welcomed this visit and extended their best wishes to the delegation for a fruitful outcome.

Wang Jian emphasized that since the reform and opening up, Yiwu has consistently implemented and deepened its strategy of promoting commerce as a key driver for city development. This approach has paved the way for a distinctive and successful path of regional growth. Known as the world’s capital of small commodities, Yiwu’s products reach more than 230 countries and regions worldwide. The purpose of this visit goes beyond strengthening friendships; it also involves engaging in learning, exploration, cooperation, and exchange. The goal is to gain valuable insights into the local market through interactions with representatives of the overseas Chinese community. Looking ahead, Yiwu plans to further optimize trade processes, enhance government services, and create an even more business-friendly environment.

Shangguan Jianfeng expressed that since its establishment, the Brazil-China Cultural Exchange Association has been dedicated to enhancing friendly exchanges between the people of China and Brazil, making significant contributions to promoting cultural, scientific, technological, and economic exchanges between the two countries. Yiwu’s market isn’t just for local people. It also brings in merchants from all over China and the world. Many members of the association are actively involved in import and export trade, with Yiwu being their primary procurement destination. Shangguan hopes that the delegation’s visit will facilitate more convenient procurement, customs clearance, and logistics processes. By doing so, it can further boost the steady development of trade activities and promote stronger ties between China and Brazil.

Huang Long, acting president of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPNR) in Rio de Janeiro; Zhang Xiaochun, acting president of the CCPPNR in Brazil; Zheng Xiamao, president of the Zhejiang Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce; and Yin Xiaomin, former president of the Brazil-China Cultural Exchange Association, participated in the meeting. During the session, they provided valuable suggestions on future trade cooperation between overseas Chinese businesspeople and Yiwu. The meeting was chaired by Wu Xiaoman, secretary-general of the Brazil-China Cultural Exchange Association. (Text and photo by Shi Yuanhao – People’s Daily Online)

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