Simplified Services for Internationals
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In order to help optimize and improve the international business environment and enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of international businesspeople based in Yiwu, the city of Yiwu is actively innovating its urban management systems.

On July 20, we visited the International Trade Service Center to experience the whole process of "one-stop handling" of foreigners' work and residence permit procedures. At the entry-exit hall of the International Trade Service Center located at No. 288 Futian Road, we noticed that all the service windows were open, and the staff would guide people who were not particularly familiar with the process. We also found that many internationals came fully prepared, holding a stack of materials in their hands, either waiting alone or accompanied by an interpreter. The hall was in good order, and the staff were enthusiastic about their service, making the whole process of applying for the permit efficient and convenient.

Taking the application for visa extension as an example, international residents fill in the form according to the sample form posted, and go to the “Foreigner Consultation Pre-Examination” window for pre-examination. After the due checks, which take about 30 minutes, the application is basically completed. We also noticed that the staff of several foreign affairs service windows can speak fluent English, allowing those internationals who cannot speak Chinese to complete their applications smoothly.

“It's so convenient! I like their efficient service.”

“I have been in Yiwu for 15 years. In the past, I had to obtain multiple application numbers and go to multiple windows for this kind of application. Now I only need to come here once.”

“I submitted relevant materials for the ‘New Yiwu People’s Home’ 45 days in advance for online declaration pre-examination.” This is how international businesspeople praised the reforms for providing them with real convenience.

“In recent years, Yiwu has made great effort to promote the facilitation of foreigners’ work and residence permits,” explained a spokesperson of the Exit-Entry Administration of Yiwu Public Security Bureau.

Next, the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Yiwu Public Security Bureau will also take this opportunity to continuously introduce more facilitation measures to provide foreigners with more convenient services. (By Gong Yingying—Yiwu Commercial Daily, English text edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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