Wuyi’s Ecological Landscape Gets Better
发布日期:2023-07-31 浏览次数:

On July 23, in the Dufan Village of Wuyi County, flocks of egrets followed the rotary tillers plowing the paddy fields. The birds were foraging, dancing, and creating a beautiful scene of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

With the promotion of the “Five-Water Management” agenda and the activities that enhance everyone’s awareness of loving and protecting birds, the ecological landscape of Wuyi County has been restored. The food chain of earthworms, loaches, and eels has rapidly recovered. The busy season of rush harvesting and planting has attracted many birds to search for food, forming a vibrant ecological landscape of rural scenery. (Text and photo by Zhang Jiancheng, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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