Exemplary Cases of IPv6 Technology Innovation and Integration in Jinhua
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In the process of promoting the development of pilot cities for IPv6 technology innovation and integrated application, Jinhua is actively taking advantage of this opportunity and integrating it with economic and social development. This aims to provide highly automated and intelligent networks for various sectors. Here are four outstanding examples.

Creating an independent innovation industry base for IPv6 technology

Jinyi New District (Jindong District) has established the Jinhua Network Foundation Research Center by bringing in Yuchuang Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. This center uses the MapleDNS software as the core of a next-generation Internet basic resource domain name system in Jinhua. It has also formed an innovative ecosystem chain that integrates with mainstream global chips, operating systems, containers, and cloud environments. This advancement has contributed to the Asia-Pacific region achieving a 33.1% and 23.2% RPKI coverage in the IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces respectively. It provides comprehensive support for the high-quality development of China’s digital economy.

Establishing a “5G+IPv6” fully connected factory

The Hengdian Dongci Phase III Factory is implementing a lightweight 5GC developed by relevant units as its core, constructing a 5G SA enterprise private network based on pure IPv6 technology. This project aims to create the most advanced 5G+smart factory solution, facilitating the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing in the factory.

Hengdian Dongci has successfully completed the large-scale commercial deployment and application of the “5G+IPv6 fully connected factory.” This accomplishment has enabled the realization of typical 5G scenarios, including wireless collection, intelligent transportation, and mobile remote control.

Establishing an SR/SRv6 Education Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) System

The education private network serves as a crucial infrastructure for educational informatization in Jinhua and is a fundamental guarantee for achieving the development goals of education in Zhejiang during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

The SR/SRv6 Education MAN system in Jinhua connects the provincial education resource service platform system with the city and county education resource service platforms. This enables rapid sharing of educational resources, ensuring that high-quality teaching resources can be efficiently distributed to rural and remote areas. This network promotes the sharing of educational cloud resources and online teaching among different regions, further fostering the coordinated development of urban and rural compulsory education. Ultimately, it aims to promote educational equity.

Creating the “Film and Television Industry Brain”

Hengdian World Studios was established in 1996 and covers an expansive area of over 50,000 mu (approximately 3,334 hectares). It stands as the biggest film studios theme park group in China.

The project includes five business intelligence modules, 61 models, 11 tools, 42 algorithms, 80 rules, and 125 knowledge-based components. With the addition of the accumulated 390 million pieces of industrial data from previous business activities, the “film and television culture industry brain” possesses the capability for prediction, early warning, and strategic goal management. This promotes efficient allocation of resources within the film and television culture industry and enables efficient collaboration. (By Zhang Yixiao)

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