China Olympic Committee Visits ZJNU
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On June 29, Yang Shuan, vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee and vice chairman of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, led a delegation of inspectors and relevant directors to investigate and discuss the situation of the sport venues at the Xiaoshan Campus of Zhejiang Normal University before the launch of the Asian Games. The delegation included Hao Qiang, a second-level inspector of the Competition Department of the State Sports General Administration; Si Jun, a first-level researcher of the Outreach Department of the State Sports General Administration, and representatives of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee. Zheng Mengzhuang, secretary of the Party Committee of ZJNU and chief of the East Stadium at ZJNU, and Pan Huiju, vice president and executive deputy commander of the Xiaoshan Campus venue, accompanied the investigation.

Yang Shuan (center) and his delegation watched a handball match. Photo by Zheng Hanxi, Media Center of Zhejiang Normal University

Yang Shuan (right) and his delegation visited the sports venue. Photo by Zheng Hanxi, Media Center of Zhejiang Normal University

Yang Shuan and his delegation conducted a field survey of the handball stadium and watched a handball test match. Mr. Yang praised the preparations for the test match in the Xiaoshan Campus venues. He also stressed the fact that the Hangzhou Asian Games is an event of great significance and influence. Thus, it is necessary to improve political standing and deepen ideological understanding. At present, the Hangzhou Asian Games has entered its final preparatory phase, so Mr. Yang urged the organizers to adhere to high standards to promote the various events, concentrate on final preparations, and strive to present a sports cultural event with Chinese characteristics and Asian splendor.

Yang Shuan delivered a speech. Photo by Zheng Hanxi, Media Center of Zhejiang Normal University

On behalf of ZJNU, Zheng Mengzhuang welcomed the arrival of Yang Shuan and his delegation. Mr. Zhang said that ZJNU is devoting itself to completing all the tasks of the project without compromise.

At the symposium, participants conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as venue coordination, volunteer force allocation, and personnel training during the game. (By Cheng Songquan)

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