Embrace the Green Asian Games
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On July 24, the press tour of the “Welcome the Green Asian Games, Draw the Picture of Zero-waste” initiative was launched in Jinhua. A group composed of more than 20 media representatives from the central, provincial, and municipal governments entered the Asian Games venues and beautiful countryside in our city to experience the Asian Games atmosphere in Jinhua. They witnessed the achievements of the national demonstration city for ecological civilization construction.

Centering around the theme of the Asian Games, Jinhua took initiatives to achieve clear water, blue sky, pure land, and waste removal. In terms of water control, the municipality continuously promotes an ecological water environment and the control of reservoirs in key river basins. Jinhua has championed water control for eight consecutive years. In terms of gas control, the city has comprehensively tackled the four major challenges of ozone prevention, diesel truck control, dust control, and polluted weather response. The city’s air quality indicators have reached the national second-class standard for four consecutive years, and the urban area has successfully established a provincial-level clean air demonstration zone. In terms of pure land, the detailed investigation of soil pollution in agricultural land and the investigation of soil pollution in key industries and enterprises were completed with high quality. The safe utilization rate of contaminated plots reached 100%. In terms of waste control, we have achieved negative growth of domestic waste, industrial solid waste intensity, and full coverage of small and micro hazardous waste collection systems. The city has become the first batch of waste-free cities in the whole province and was selected as the national waste-free cities construction pilot. (By Ni Han—Jinhua Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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