Xinjiang’s Bright Future
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During the hot summer in Xinjiang, the air carries the sweet fragrance of fresh fruits, extending a warm welcome to visitors from all corners. To mark the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, the first “Hello, Silk Road” International Conference on Internet Communication was successfully held in Karamay city, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (North-Western China). The event was jointly organized by the Information Office of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Government, the Karamay Municipal People’s Government, and Global Times.

During the span of five days, more than 200 attendees including journalists, experts, scholars, and online influencers from countries like Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Türkiye, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam, had the opportunity to observe Xinjiang’s achievements in development from diverse perspectives like culture, technology, society, and trade. They got to see firsthand the authentic and vibrant progress of Xinjiang, which plays a significant role in promoting understanding among countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

Bringing Tangible Benefits Through Building the Belt and Road Together

With the ongoing progress of the Belt and Road, Xinjiang has transformed from a remote region into a core area. Under the influence of the Belt and Road, Xinjiang is actively positioning itself as a gateway to the west, strengthening economic and trade partnerships, and achieving impressive results. According to the Urumqi Customs, in 2022, Xinjiang’s trade with countries along the Belt and Road reached 223.89 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 63.5%, and accounting for 90.9% of Xinjiang’s total foreign trade import and export value.

Global Exchange and Learning Drive Human Civilization Forward

At the Baijiantan District art gallery, internet enthusiasts from various countries created prints and pastel porcelain. They live-streamed or recorded videos of the process, sharing traditional Chinese culture with their followers. Shi Shi, an internet influencer from Vietnam, said, “The interaction and shared learning between nations play a major role in pushing forward human civilization. My goal is to use the internet to share what I’ve learned and seen here with my followers, which in turn contributes to the cultural exchange between Vietnam and China.”

Niu Wangdao, the Ambassador of Argentina to China, has visited Xinjiang twice. Speaking via video at the exchange conference, he conveyed that Xinjiang is a region in China with remarkable economic vitality. He said, “I’ve not only seen the potential for agricultural and livestock growth in Xinjiang but also the opportunities for technological advancements.” He further highlighted, “In Xinjiang, we see a scene of prosperity and development.”

“Such activities are incredibly well-received,” said Andrei Teshayev, general manager and editor-in-chief of Uzbekistan’s news website, during the exchange conference. “Through these interactions, we discover that people from various countries around the world deeply cherish peaceful and stable conditions. They also hope for progress in their respective countries,” he added. (By Zhang Bolan – People’s Daily)

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