Jinhua City Brain Won Provincial Honors
发布日期:2023-08-11 浏览次数:

Jinhua City Brain, which was built and operated by the Big Data Development Bureau and contracted by the Digital Jinhua Technology Operation Co., was awarded the “Best Practice of Smart City Construction Over the Past Decade” by the Zhejiang Smart City Promotion Association.

With the goals of monitoring and analysis, prediction and early warning, and strategic management via clear objectives, Jinhua City Brain focuses on scientific decision-making, coordinated and intelligent governance, efficient services for the masses, and industrial transformation and upgrading. A system architecture consisting of five bases, one business platform, multiple scene applications, and two Apps of Zhejiang Local Office and Zhejiang Political Dingtalk was built to undertake the intelligent elements of provincial brains in various fields. The system opens all kinds of major scene applications, gathers public data, and constructs a new landscape of "one network unified management".

Jinhua City Brain, along with Hangzhou and Wenzhou City Brain, was previously selected as the strongest brain at the provincial level in the latest evaluation results of the 2022 Zhejiang Province Digital Reform Most Series results released by the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office. This proves that Jinhua's integrated intelligent public data platform and urban brain construction systems still rank top in the province. (By Hu Zhenan—Jinhua Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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