Winone Project Begins
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On the morning of July 31, the Winone project, with a total investment of 5.2 billion RMB, began its construction, marking a significant milestone in Pujiang’s journey towards high-quality development.

Wang Zhiqiang, a member of the Municipal Party Committee’s Standing Committee and the head of the United Front Work Department, attended the event and announced the project’s start. Yu Peifen, the secretary of the Pujiang County Party, and Wang Mingwang, the founder of Sunwoda Electronics Co., Ltd., attended and delivered speeches. Qian Xiangdong, the secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China United Engineering Co., Ltd., along with Cao Wei, the secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Zhejiang Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., delivered their remarks. The session was presided over by Hu Zuotao, deputy secretary of the Pujiang County Party Committee and head of Pujiang County.

In her speech, Yu Peifen highlighted that the ongoing construction of the Winone project merges advanced manufacturing with the new energy sector. The goal is to broaden the sector of precise structural components for new energy batteries, laying a solid foundation for future industry growth.

Wang Mingwang, in his speech, noted that as a subsidiary controlled by Sunwoda Electronics, Huizhou Winone Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is investing in the new Winone project in Pujiang. This investment will focus on automation, informatization, and digitization, aiming to create a contemporary smart manufacturing plant. The project will demonstrate and uplift the design and production expertise of precision molds and structural components among local enterprises.

The Winone project is located in Huangzhai Town. It covers an area of 430,000 square meters. Its main purpose is to build a production hub for precision structural components. This will enhance Winone’s leading position in the field of precision structural components for 3C consumer products and extend its reach to include precision components for new energy batteries. This plan aims to put the company ahead in making future battery parts. (By Miao Sicong and Chen Chenlei)

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