Monthly Digital Economy Forum in Jinhua Development Zone
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On July 21, the “Network Security” lecture of the Forum on High-Quality Development of the Digital Economy in Jinhua Development Zone took place at Jinhua Unicom Company.

The event was conducted using a combination of online and offline formats. The online part took place on the Jinhua Unicom’s WeChat channel.

During the event, Hou Dongqing, senior security advisor of China Unicom Zhejiang Branch, shared insights on “Jinhua Unicom’s Practice and Reflection in the Field of Security.” Xiong Weimin, general manager of Zhejiang Anyuan Testing Technology Co., Ltd., provided an interpretation of Network Security Protection Level 2.0 and its development trends. Additionally, Xia Yongjun, general manager of Zhejiang Quanrun Information Technology Co., Ltd., addressed the continuous emergence of network security threats and shared strategies to tackle them.

Xia Zhicheng, solution director of Sangfor Technologies Co., Ltd.’s Western Zhejiang Office, discussed the construction of a comprehensive defense system starting from cloud security.

Jinhua has a total of 72 large-scale software enterprises, out of which 34 are located in Jinhua Development Zone, representing 47.2% of the city’s total. In the first half of this year, the software business revenue of Jinhua Development Zone reached 2.085 billion RMB, with a growth rate of 11%, accounting for 51.15% of the city’s total software revenue. (By Wu Xuan)

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