ZJNU’s Seminar for B&R Journalism Organization Executives
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On July 18, the opening ceremony of the Seminar for Belt and Road Journalism Organization Executives took place in the conference room of the School of Design and Creative Arts at Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU). Shao Guoping, deputy secretary of ZJNU’s Party Committee, attended the meeting.

The opening ceremony of the Seminar for the Belt and Road Journalism Organization Executives at ZJNU. Photo by Cai Xin.

Shao Guoping, on behalf of the school, congratulated the successful commencement of the seminar and provided a brief overview of the school’s basic information. He stressed the important role of news media as a significant entity responsible for conveying information and acting as windows to distribute information.

In this seminar, several distinguished experts and scholars from relevant fields were invited to deliver lectures on various topics, including the use of social media and new media in China, urban brand construction, digital dissemination of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, and the integrated development of all media.

Shao Guoping encourages the participants of the seminar to engage in active exploration, gain valuable insights from their learning, and deeply contemplate the development of the news media industry. Together, they are encouraged to tackle the challenges brought by the digital age and make meaningful contributions to fostering cooperation and exchange worldwide.

Jomshed Olimov, from Tajikistan, representing the participants, shared his thoughts during the session. Drawing upon the robust bilateral relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and China, he expressed admiration for the role China has played as an example for developing countries. Jomshed Olimov said that he hopes to use new and creative ways of thinking that he learned from the seminar, aiming to further the development of the media industry in Belt and Road countries and to strengthen international cooperation. (By Luo Hanyi)

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