Yiwu Completes Photoelectric Registration
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The application data collected by the Yiwu JA Solar Technology Company for the “A-level rate of photovoltaic modules on the production sharing platform” was successfully registered on the Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online Platform; this is the first registered data intellectual property in central Zhejiang.

The province of Zhejiang was among the first to carry out the pilot reform program for the intellectual data property reform system in the country. They issued the “Zhejiang Data Intellectual Property Registration Measures (Trial)”,  which clarified that the registration objects of intellectual data property rights refer to data collections that are collected according to law, processed by specific algorithms, are in an undisclosed state, and have practical value and attributes of intellectual achievements.

As one of the 16 regions in the province to carry out intellectual data property pilot work, Yiwu takes the optoelectronic information industry as the pilot object to explore the implementation of intellectual data property administration, judicial coordinated protection, and intellectual data property registration. The Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau established the first batch of cultivation databases including 11 key enterprises through visits and investigations. At present, Yiwu has completed the data registration of two cases, and the data of two cases is in the review process. (By Gong Shuhong, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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