Forum on China-Africa Cross-Border E-Commerce 2023
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Co-hosted by Jinhua Municipal People’s Government and Zhejiang Normal University, the 2023 Forum on China-Africa Cross-Border E-Commerce was held on August 11. The forum aimed to help the construction of the “Digital Silk Road,” create a platform for China-Africa cross-border e-commerce exchanges and cooperation, and explore the “Zhejiang Plan” for China-Africa cross-border e-commerce. The forum invited well-known experts such as representatives of government agencies, companies, think tanks, and academic institutions to conduct in-depth discussions on the development of the China-Africa cross-border e-commerce industry, digital economy, talent training, and other related topics. The forum was held both online and offline, attracting 5.12 million people around the world to watch online.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Genfu, vice president of Zhejiang Normal University. Liu Zhenying, leader of the Chinese Skills Development Group of the BRICS Business Council, chairman of the Belt and Road and BRICS International Alliance for Skills Development, and executive director of the Organizing Committee of the BRICS Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition, and Jiang Yunliang, president of Zhejiang Normal University, both delivered speeches.

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