Damei Rice Terraces: Harvest in Sight
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On August 16, in the Shennong Organic Agriculture Science and Technology Sightseeing Park based in the village of Wangjia, Yafan Town, Wucheng District, nearly 300 mu of terraced upland rice was undulating in the sun. This sea of terraced rice will usher in a bumper harvest at the end of September.

Shennong Organic Agricultural Science and Technology Sightseeing Park is an organic agricultural tourism industry project built on the basis of the government’s whole-region land consolidation project. At the same time, the sightseeing park is also a communal wealth base of “Zhijiang Concentric: Bawu Red Pomegranate” in Wucheng District, which is designed to promote the strategy of “agriculture + cultural tourism.” The integrated development of the health industry will continue and further drive the employment of rural surplus labor, increase the income of the village collective economy, and create a new model of community prosperity in the countryside. (Text by Yu Meina, photo by Wu Chaohong—Jinhua Daily, English text edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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