China-Russia Transport Completes 128 Trips
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On August 15, China-Russia trucks loaded with all kinds of small commodities set off from the International Dry Port Group Transportation Center. The truck transport line stretches across 11,000 km and covers several cities in China and Russia. It allows transport to Moscow in as little as 10 days.

Truck transport is an emerging logistics method that uses high-performance trucks for the cross-border transportation of goods. As of August 14, the number of trips of China-Russia special truck reached 128, with a total cargo volume of more than 2242 tons. Sheng Yaofeng, head of the Zhejiang Yiluhang International Supply Chain Co., stated that Russia has large demand for small commodities from the Yiwu market. He said that the China-Russia truck line has achieved normal operation and the exit port has been added from the previous Manzhouli, Xinjiang Horgos, Tacheng, and Tourgat sites. The truck route can now cover the entire territory of Russia.

The International Dry Port Group will now actively implement the spirit of the plenary meeting, enrich the connotation of the truck line assembly center, and successively open new cargo routes like the Yiwu-Kazakhstan and Yiwu-Uzbekistan lines. It will continue to accelerate the facilitation of cross-border transportation. (By Wu Fengyu—Yiwu Business, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Daniel Haws)

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