The 9th UCLG Asia Pacific General Assembly to Take Place in Yiwu
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From July 31 to August 4, the Asia-Pacific Region Cultural and Urban Development Capacity Enhancement Workshop was held in Jeju, Republic of Korea. Yiwu also participated in the event and presented a special topic titled “Yiwu’s Amazing World.”

The workshop was co-organized by the United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC), the Government of Jeju, Republic of Korea, and the UNITAR CIFAL Jeju/JITC. It focused on the theme of “Culture as a Powerful Fuel for Building a Sustainable City,” engaging in discussions and exchanges.

At the event, Yiwu introduced its core attributes and urban cultural tourism highlights through city promotional videos and other presentations. The city presented its deep-rooted history and dual reputation as both a cultural hub and a global center for small commodities. This showcased the essence of the “Yiwu spirit,” characterized by values such as diligence, integrity, courage, and inclusivity. The city’s unique charm was further enriched by the portrayal of distinctive cultural elements like Daoqing, Wu Opera, and martial arts.

Yiwu also introduced the 18th China Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trade Fair, highlighting its commitment to professional and market-oriented exhibitions while retaining distinct brand characteristics. The promotion included platforms like the Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Exhibition. Additionally, representatives were invited to participate in the 9th UCLG Asia Pacific General Assembly, scheduled for November 2023 in Yiwu.

During the presentation, Yiwu creatively blended the poetry of its historical figures using calligraphy and seal carving onto traditional Song-style fans. These unique creations, known as “Yiwu gifts,” were then presented to the attending representatives, introducing a touch of Chinese culture into the Korean venue.

The United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) was established in May 2004 and is the largest international organization for world cities and local governments. Currently, there are over 1,000 member cities in 140 countries. Yiwu joined the UCLG in 2017 and is the only member unit among county-level cities in China. In 2019, it was elected as a member of the Executive Board and Council of the UCLG and has been actively participating in various meetings and activities of the organization. (By Xia Binting)

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