Unveiling Grandeur: A Spectacular Beginning
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Recently, the construction site of the Yiwu Grand Theater project has been very busy. All the work on this project is going well, and it’s expected to be finished and ready to use by the year 2025. The Yiwu Grand Theater project is a significant provincial initiative. It’s located in the Yiwu International Cultural Center area, with an estimated investment of 2.4 billion RMB. The project is mainly divided into a theater and conference rooms. These two parts are designed separately based on their specific functions, but they are connected as a whole through shared semi-open spaces. Once the project is up and running, it will promote the development of Yiwu’s cultural strength and improve the supply of public cultural products and services. It will also showcase the city’s unique style influenced by the “New Silk Road” and boost the overall image of Yiwu. (By Qian Xusheng)

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