“Jinhua Geese” Dance Gets a Million Views
发布日期:2023-08-31 浏览次数:

“Goose, goose, goose, with a graceful neck, singing towards the sky. White feathers floating on the green water, red feet rippling the clear waves.” These lines from the Tang Dynasty poet Luo Binwang’s “Ode to the Goose” bring to life an image of white geese playing in water, a scene that remains popular even today.

Recently, a video of kindergarten children performing a dance titled “Jinhua Geese” has gained popularity on platforms like TikTok, garnering over a million views.

This original dance, titled “This is My Home,” was carefully selected by the Wucheng District Cultural Center and the Yiwu City Cultural Center. Not long ago, “This is My Home” secured the “Little Lotus Star” honor by winning the gold award at the 12th “Dazzling Little Lotus” National Children’s Dance Exhibition.

The dance, “This is My Home,” portrays a heartwarming scene of geese with a touch of human-like qualities, showcasing adorable moments when the goslings huddle together, float, and play on water. The main idea is the importance of family love and harmony in raising children. The love between parents and the good relationship between them are the most valuable things parents can give to their kids. This idea has a deep educational meaning.

“In this performance, the roles of the goose parents were portrayed by adults, while all others were five to six-year-old kindergarten children from Jinhua. The dance piece, ‘This is My Home,’ was prepared through relentless efforts by teachers from Yiwu’s Sanjiu Art Training Center,” explained the person in charge. They further shared that the conceptualization of “This is My Home” began in 2020, and it took more than three years to bring it to life, including script creation, choreography, detailed portrayal, and casting of young talents. (By Ji Junlei)

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