Wucheng Section of Jiande-Wuyi Expressway
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On July 27, at the construction site of the Wucheng Section of the Jiande-Wuyi Expressway near Baisha Village, Bailongqiao Town, construction workers were pouring the pillar of the 9th pier of Baishaxi Bridge. At present, three work areas with six construction sites are in operation with over 430 workers for the entire project.

The Wucheng Section of the Jiande-Wuyi Expressway is a provincial project, starting from the village of Chishan, Shanghua Subdistrict, Lanxi City, and ending at the north side of the village of Xitan, Langya Town, Wucheng District. The project connects with the planned Ningbo-Jinhua-Quzhou-Shangrao Expressway. The project is 12.77 kilometers in length, with six lanes total, and the intended speed is 120 km/h. After completion, the Jiande-Wuyi Expressway will connect with the Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway to the north and the Ningbo-Jinhua-Quzhou-Shangrao Expressway to the south, forming a complete closed loop of Jinhua’s ring expressway. This will effectively improve the regional expressway network and relieve the traffic pressure on the road. (By Huang Zezhen – Jinhua Daily, photo by Hu Xiaofei, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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