Busy Production at Lithium Battery Future Factory
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On September 7, workers in the lithium battery automated production workshop at Dongci High-tech Industrial Park in Hengdian Town, Dongyang, were monitoring the automated production line. In recent years, Dongyang has been vigorously promoting the new energy industry. Not long ago, they successfully launched a key provincial project located in the Hengdian Dongci High-tech Industrial Park, with the goal of producing 6GWh high-performance lithium batteries annually. This project widely incorporates next-generation technologies like 5G, digital twins, and artificial intelligence. It’s based on principles of digital design, intelligent manufacturing, eco-friendly production, digital management, and safety controls. The goal is to achieve a large-scale deployment of 5G cloud network-integrated applications, aiming to create a highly efficient “future factory” for lithium batteries. (By Hu Xiaofei)

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