Field Management to Protect Late Rice
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At present, the late rice in the Jinxi area of the Jinhua Development Zone has entered the tilling stage, which is also a crucial period for yield production. The Agricultural and Tourism Bureau of the Development Zone has recently organized training sessions to guide large grain growers in field management. They have carried out pest and disease prevention and control work to fully ensure the high yield and harvest of 55,000 mu of late rice in Jinxi.

From past experience they have learned that there are many diseases and pests to deal with during the growing season, including the fourth-generation rice stem borer, the rice smut, and the leaf roller. “Large grain farmers should pay attention to field management and ensure scientific medication and fertilization,” said Zhang Haihe, an agricultural consultant of the development zone.

Serving as an agricultural consultant for five years, Zhang Haihe has continually been busy with the key stages of spring plowing preparation and late rice planting. During this period, he has often been invited to guide agricultural production by major grain growers. He also participates in training sessions organized by the Agricultural Tourism Bureau of the Development Zone to introduce pest disease control.

This year, the Agricultural Tourism Bureau of the Development Zone has decided to create two provincial-level green prevention and control demonstration sites around the villages of Siping and Houda. Each demonstration site covers an area of 1000 mu. Unified prevention and control of pest disease has been adopted to ensure the 12,0000 mu of paddy fields, further ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products and ecological safety. (Text by Hu Yaxin, photo by Song Jiemei—Jinhua Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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