Jiangnan Charm at Hangzhou Asian Games Handball Arena
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The handball competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games is set to run from September 24 to October 5. So far, 22 teams from 15 different countries and regions, comprising both men’s and women’s teams, are participating, competing for a total of two gold medals. The Hangzhou Asian Games Handball Arena, located on the Xiaoshan campus of Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU), is one of the newly constructed venues for this year’s Asian Games. The design, with its eye-catching “water curtains” hanging from the ceiling to the ground, has caught a lot of attention and brought a touch of traditional Jiangnan charm to the event.

Zhu Yifeng, deputy head of the Media Group at ZJNU’s Xiaoshan Campus, said, “When designing this venue, our team drew inspiration from the Qiantang River and Jiangnan silk to create the concept of ‘water curtains.’ This concept resonates with the poetic essence of misty Jiangnan and reflects the urban character of Hangzhou. It also symbolizes Hangzhou’s rapid growth in the internet era and enhanced connectivity.”

CCTV reporter Ren Meimei described, “On the second-floor corridor outside the handball arena, you’ll find these vertical ‘water curtains.’ They serve a dual purpose – not just as decorations but also with practical benefits. Similar to blinds, they help insulate, reduce glare, and enhance overall indoor visual comfort.”

Handball, with its origins in Denmark, is a sport that combines elements of both basketball and football. Handball demands that athletes run, jump, and make throws on the field, involving frequent physical contact and intense competition.

The arena has 2,244 seats, each offering spectators a clear view of a spot 1 meter above the farthest edge of the handball court. This design allows spectators to see every move of the athletes, achieved through the construction of asymmetrical two-sided stands, the result of extensive data research in the early stages by the design team.

Zhu Yifeng further explained, “The Zhang Xianliang structure is a system with a large span, primarily composed of the main beam, support rods, and cables. It boasts a wide span, lightweight construction, and high stiffness. Venues designed using this structural system have no pillars in the middle, resulting in a clean, spacious appearance, and excellent visibility.”

The venue was designed with post-event use in mind right from the initial construction phase. The handball venue, originally built as a wooden floor basketball court according to FIBA standards, is equipped with specialized PVC flooring for the Hangzhou Asian Games, converting it into a handball competition venue. After the Asian Games, the main arena can be adapted for various sports, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, Judo, and more. The auxiliary arena can also accommodate a variety of sports equipment and fitness gear to meet the diverse needs of the entire school’s faculty and students. (By Ren Meimei—CCTV News Client)

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