NEW Heights in Jinhua Development Zone
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On August 20 at the Leapmotor site—an industrial base with an annual production of 240,000 sets of renewable energy electric drive assemblies—the main body of the steel structure workshop, with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, was basically completed.

“According to the current progress, the new workshop will be put into use by the end of September,” said Wang Yuyao, spokesperson of the project. Various departments of the Jinhua Development Zone (JDZ) actively coordinated and took part in the planning of the preliminary work for construction.

As a strategic platform for Jinhua in creating and fostering emerging industries, the JDZ has been accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system centered on electric vehicles and high-end equipment manufacturing. The JDZ has persistently promoted the development of key links in primary, supplementary, and extended chains, and has been striving to cultivate pioneering industrial clusters.

Since the beginning of 2023, the JDZ has taken the opportunity of in-depth implementation of a major reform project to optimize and improve the business environment. A series of measures, such as opening up the approval process, implementing closed-loop services, and speeding up the preliminary work of projects, has been launched.

In the leased workshop of Jinhua Faurecia, the company has started to produce auto accessories. “We moved the production line and resumed production in only three days,” explained Luo Yajun, factory director. Mr. Luo said that the relevant departments of the Development Zone are actively connecting services to help companies find factories, link water and electricity, and complete decorations as quickly as possible, so that enterprises can move in and start production rapidly.

There is no standard for “fastest landing of a project,” but such things can only become faster. At the factory site of a company working on automobile body and chassis welding, the building of the factory has entered the final stage. In front of the production lines, which were waving robotic arms in the workshop, there were operators supervising the process. Under the initiative of the relevant departments of the JDZ, the project took only 90 days from the start of construction to trial production, becoming an exemplary case of the “JDZ’s Speed.”

Batches of renewable energy automobile industry chain projects have been rapidly introduced in the JDZ in 2023—further highlighting the siphon effect of industrial cluster development—including an electric vehicle production project with an annual output of 160,000 units, an electric vehicle precision sheet metal production line project with an annual output of 1.4 million sets, and an auto parts warehousing and logistics project. The total investment of all the projects exceeded 3.5 billion RMB. (By Zhou Yao—Jinhua Daily, English text edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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