Jinhua Women’s Football Makes Historic Top Eight
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The 2nd China Youth Football League 2023 (Women’s U-18 Group) took place in Dalian, Liaoning. In the quarter-finals, the U-18 girls’ football team from Jinhua Huayue Football Club lost 0-4 to the Beijing U-18 girls’ football team, ending their run in the top eight.

Despite some disappointment from the match, the performance of Jinhua’s girls’ football team in this year’s youth league remains impressive. They progressed from the group stage to the final, achieving the best historical record in Jinhua’s football history.

Formed just over two years ago, the U-18 women’s football team from Jinhua Huayue Football Club initially had players from various schools in Jinhua, including Jinhua No.8 Middle School. They didn’t have a strong foundation in basic skills, lacked experience in competing outside, and didn’t have a clear goal. In 2021, senior coach Wang Huimin took over the team and gave this assessment.

“Having been involved in football coaching for 23 years, I don’t see these challenges as impossible to overcome. With hard work and dedication, significant breakthroughs can be made,” said Wang. Soon, his statement was proven true.

“It’s quite surprising. I never thought we could make it to the national quarterfinals,” said team member Wu Wenhui.

“The training includes various aspects, including technical drills, competitive exercises, and strength training. The training for the women’s football team isn’t much different from the men’s team; in fact, it’s often even more intense,” explained Wang Yan, head coach of the Jinhua Huayue Football Club’s U-18 women’s football team. Wang pointed out that the girls on the team show remarkable resilience and determination, which is truly inspiring.

Here’s hoping the girls will continue making history and shine brightly on the football field! (By Yu Han)

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