China’s Brands Expand to Africa Conference Held
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On August 23, the China’s Brands Expand to Africa Conference, which was jointly hosted by the African e-commerce platform Egatee and the Yiwu market’s official platform, Chinagoods, was held in District 4 of the International Trade City. More than 300 domestic manufacturers and brand traders participated in the event.

In this conference, attendees shared trends and hot topics in cross-border industries in Africa, discussed the strategic layout and cooperative development of Chinese brands in the African market, created an alliance for brands going overseas, and conducted in-depth discussions on how to achieve efficient growth in exports to Africa.

The “Talk on Africa” forum, as the highlight of this conference, was jointly attended by representatives from companies such as Egatee, Speedaf Express, PalmPay, Zhijie Yuangang, and YiPay. They shared their experience in and insights on China-Africa cooperation, and exchanged ideas around new business opportunities in the African markets.

During the discussion, attendees unanimously agreed that Africa is a blue ocean market worth exploring with great effort. Currently, Chinese brands have gradually entered the fast lane of development in Africa, with huge potential and unlimited possibilities. However, profits and risks still coexist. In the process of seeking development, companies must strengthen their core competitiveness and focus on differentiating from the competition in order to remain dynamic in the blue ocean trend.

On the same day, Chuanyin Group, Mall Group, and Egatee jointly launched the Egatee Global platform, becoming another highlight of the conference. This platform will provide comprehensive support for the rapid expansion of Chinese brands in the African market, and help China-Africa economic and trade cooperation reach a new level.

This event is the fifth ecological conference of the “Brands Going out Season” activities in Yiwu Small Commodities City, opening up a wider prospect for brands to enter into the African market. At the same time, more and more excellent domestic brands are selling more high-quality products overseas faster through these “brands going out” plans.

According to statistics, from January to July this year, Yiwu’s imports and exports with Africa reached 59.2 billion RMB, an increase of 31.6%. (Text and photo by Wu Fengyu – Yiwu Business Daily, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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