Yiwu Customs Implements New Supervision Model
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Yiwu Customs personnel inspecting goods for export.

On the morning of August 14, batches of export goods were being processed at the consolidation warehouse at Yiwu Railway Port. The process included scanning shipping labels, measuring dimensions, and weighing the goods. Afterwards, the items not requiring customs inspection among these consolidated shipments are organized and packed within the warehouse, based on their destination and shipping dates. What sets these goods apart is that they entered the centralized storage warehouse as loose items, different from typical consolidated shipments. They undergo inspection before shipping, eliminating the need for repacking and enhancing container shipment efficiency.

Yiwu Customs is turning to technology for efficiency. They’re streamlining customs clearance processes and enhancing the information system. In the centralized storage warehouse, smart technology methods are being used to ensure smooth and well-regulated export of small commodities.

Yiwu Customs has implemented a comprehensive digital tracking system for managing goods entering the warehouse. From entry to exit, every step is documented and data is exchanged with the customs system in real-time. This enables precise control of goods movement. Digital technology is also used for warehouse operations, with IoT and radio frequency technology monitoring forklift and pallet paths. Video recognition and analysis technology inspect empty shipping containers, triggering real-time alerts.

Since implementing the new approach for trials, Yiwu Customs has supervised the export of 2,233 batches of goods from the centralized storage warehouse, valued at 10.0458 million USD. (By Wu Fengyu)

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