17 Major Projects Kick off in Lanxi
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On August 29, a significant event took place in Lanxi for the year 2023. The second batch of major projects began construction, including 17 projects with a combined investment of 8.246 billion RMB. This initiative has boosted development for major projects, aiming to build a modern industrial city.

Dai Chong, secretary of the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee, announced the start of the project. Leaders from Lanxi, including Zhu Junhua, Zhang Weiping, Fan Dongyan, Fu Jing, Yu Gang, Xu Zhengfei, and Yan Xiaojun, participated in the commencement ceremony.

A total of 17 major projects are currently being initiated together, with a combined investment of 8.246 bn RMB. Among these, there are 12 industrial projects, with a total investment of 4.12 bn RMB, and 5 public infrastructure projects, with a total investment of 4.126 bn RMB. The special material project for cylindrical battery casings located in Lingdong Township, Zhejiang Province, has a total investment of 1.4 bn RMB. Once completed, it will have an annual production capacity of 225,000 tons of special material for cylindrical battery casings, with an annual output value of 3.713 bn RMB. It will also create jobs for more than 380 people.

At the same time, Lanxi is strengthening its infrastructure and public service capabilities, further enhancing the quality of urban life. The environmentally oriented development project of Jinlan Innovation City (Phase I) will further improve the environmental quality, providing a solid ecological foundation for urban development. The Jinhua-Jiande High-Speed Rail Lanxi East Station hub project will further facilitate public transportation, promoting trade, commerce, and tourism economic growth.

Moving forward, Lanxi will prioritize projects. The city will expand its planning, collaborate effectively, and ensure security. Lanxi is focused on promoting major projects for stable development. (Source: Lanxi Convergent Media Center)

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