Dongyang Construction at Paris 2024 Olympics
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With the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games drawing near, global attention is shifting towards China. Even in Paris, thousands of miles away, the construction of venues for the Paris 2024 Olympics is progressing smoothly. What’s especially notable for people in Jinhua is that Lou Liangjun, the executive chairman of the Jinhua Chamber of Commerce in France, has been actively involved in overseeing three major projects and their associated facilities for the Paris Olympics. These projects include the Olympic Village, the renovation of the Grand Palais, and the Châtillon-Montrouge metro station on Line 15 in the Greater Paris region.

Originally from Dongyang, Lou Liangjun is the chairman of the Dongyang Construction Company in France. Lou is a nationally registered architect in France, a construction engineer, and holds a Master’s in Construction Enterprise Management. Zhang Lei, a member of the Jinhua Municipal Committee and president of the French Jinhua Chamber of Commerce and European Jinhua Federation, praised the achievements. “It’s truly remarkable to see Jinhua’s Dongyang Construction shining on the Olympics and globally. Congratulations!” expressed Zhang.

“In the Paris 2024 Olympic Games venue construction project, Lou Liangjun has been working with companies from France, Portugal, and other places since 2019 to bid for contracts. Eventually, he secured contracts for three major engineering projects, totaling five components: the Olympic Village, the Grand Palais, and the metro station. His primary focus is on waterproofing engineering, outdoor wooden flooring engineering, and various sub-projects involving metal elements. Currently, two contracted projects have been approved,” explained Zhang Lei. Earlier, Lou Liangjun also invited colleagues from the Olympic Village project to provide updates about its progress to the members of the French Jinhua Chamber of Commerce.

“Lou Liangjun has a strong bond with his hometown. When naming his company, he included ‘Dongyang’ in its name to remind himself of his roots. This reminder keeps him dedicated to carrying forward the determined and innovative spirit of Dongyang’s builders, always striving for the best. Lou considers himself a representative for his hometown, working to showcase Dongyang’s architectural excellence not only in France but also throughout Europe,” explained Zhang Lei. In recent years, Lou has also assisted numerous Jinhua locals and overseas Chinese working in France, helping them in establishing their presence in the field of architecture.

As members of the Jinhua French Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Lei and Lou Liangjun expressed their commitment to upholding and advancing the values of Jinhua residents, including a dedication to truth, practicality, integrity, and innovation. They will continue to assist the Jinhua community in France and promote collaborations between overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and Jinhua. While they remain focused on the present, they also look ahead to the future, integrating into local society and constantly striving to elevate their professional careers. Their goal is to establish a stronger platform that facilitates economic and cultural exchanges between China, France, and Europe. (By Ji Junlei)

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