Dongyang Hospital Wins Asian Medical Quality Contest
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The 8th Asian Symposium on Quality Function Deployment and Innovation recently took place in Hangzhou, in conjunction with the Asian Medical Quality Innovation Case Competition. Dongyang People’s Hospital secured the top prize with their innovative project: “Constructing an Intelligent Logistics System in Surgical Centers based on the ‘Dedicated Channel’ Strategy.”

Scholars and experts in Quality Function Deployment from a range of specialties within China, as well as from various Asian nations like Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Thailand, and from countries including the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, attended the symposium. They evaluated and reviewed over 300 medical cases and academic papers.

The award-winning project from Dongyang People’s Hospital was initiated by Lyu Zhong, secretary of the hospital’s Party Committee. Zhou Nan, head of operating room nursing team, led the project. Fang Xianghua, deputy director of the Quality Control Department, assisted with the project. This innovative project saw collaboration across several departments: the supply room, endoscopy center, infrastructure department, intelligent IoT innovation center, and the washing center.

The project focused on the unique surgical shadowless light. It aimed to set up a smart system for surgical centers using the “dedicated channel” method. This system ensures specialized logistics for surgical instruments, drapes, specimens, endoscopes, and blood products, with the goal of building a modern, smart, and highly efficient surgical center.

During the competition, Zhou Nan and co-presenter Zhao Hangfeng highlighted the project’s primary features and its standout elements. Their presentation received unanimous approval and high praise from the judges present at the event. As a result, the project was awarded the first prize in the competition. (By Dong Chaoyi)

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