76 Enterprises in Yiwu Newly Recognized as National High-tech Enterprises
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Recently, the list of National High-tech Enterprises in 2023 has been announced by the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. A total of 160 enterprises in Yiwu were recognized as the National High-tech Enterprises, among which 76 were newly recognized.

The newly recognized National High-tech Enterprises come from industries covering digital economy industry, strategic emerging industry and modern service industry, all of which have the leading technology level and innovation competence, core intellectual property rights and strong market competitiveness in their respective fields.

Over the years, Yiwu has been actively exploring new ideas, new methods and new initiatives for the cultivation of high-tech enterprises based on the joint actions of towns and sub-districts and efficient collaboration of departments, so as to promote new breakthroughs in the recognition of National High-tech Enterprises throughout the year. In addition, while guiding the enterprises to apply for National High-tech Enterprises, the  Science and Technology Bureau of Yiwu also carried out timely guidance for the cultivation of National High-tech Enterprises based on the list of enterprises above designated size and the field survey of towns and sub-districts, so as to form the echelon of applications for the following years, which lays a solid foundation for the subsequent applications of National High-tech Enterprises.