Yiwu's outdoor market heats up despite chill
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Yiwu, known for its vast trading markets, is witnessing a surge in outdoor goods sales. Despite the chill weather, the second district of Yiwu International Trade Market is teeming with buyers and sellers, bustling with activity over a wide array of camping gear.

The district boasts 86 enterprises specializing in outdoor products, part of Yiwu's massive 300,000-business-strong outdoor goods industry. Merchants like Zhu Yuelai of Wenxuan Outdoor Goods Co Ltd are busy with foreign trade orders, with production schedules filled until April.

Zhu's shop showcases innovative 2024 tent models designed for ease and efficiency, catering to international clients. These tents promise quick setup, akin to opening an umbrella, and are equipped with enhanced features for comfort and protection in various outdoor settings.

The company has ramped up production to meet the growing demand, increasing daily output and workforce. "Last year, we added another production line, increasing our daily output from 1,500 to 2,000 tents, and hired over 40 additional workers," stated Zhu. Zhu anticipates a 20 percent growth in the first quarter, reflecting the robust market.

Russian merchant Basha, selecting gear in the market, noted the onset of Russia's spring and the associated spike in outdoor activities, marking the season as a high point for camping equipment sales.