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Dongyang Construction Internationalizes
Post Time: 11/06/2018

The quarterly meeting of the Dongyang Construction Industry Development Alliance (DCIDA) was held on the afternoon of May 28. Huang Min, vice mayor of Jinhua and secretary of the Dongyang Municipal Committee of the CPC; Shi Shiwei, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Dongyang Municipal People’s Congress; Wang Tianren, member of the Standing Committee of the Dongyang Municipal Party Committee of the CPC and executive vice mayor; and Chen Jun, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Dongyang Municipal People’s Congress, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the spokesman of Dongyang Construction Supply Chain Services Co., Ltd. reported on the company’s situation. Focusing on the theme of this regular meeting—“Discussion on the Development Trends of the Construction Industry and the Internationalization of Construction”—Wang Shouqing, professor and tutor for Ph.D. students at the Institute of International Engineering Project Management at Tsinghua University, delivered a keynote speech titled “The Development Trends of the Construction Industry and Engineering Management.” Liu Jianwei, deputy manager of Zhejiang Construction and Investment Group Co., Ltd. and president of Zhejiang International Contractors Association, also delivered a keynote speech: “Important Steps for Private Construction Enterprises to Go Abroad.”

Huang Min commented that the regular meeting of the DCIDA plays an increasingly active role in strengthening government-enterprise linkage, carrying out learning exchanges, and solving specific problems, which effectively helped Dongyang’s construction industry develop in a healthy and orderly way. He expressed his hope that the DCIDA can maintain this good momentum, assess the current situation accurately, seize the opportunity to promote the transformation and development of Dongyang’s construction industry, and fully enhance the core competitiveness of Dongyang Construction.

Huang also emphasized the importance of implementing the spirit of the Zhejiang Opening-Up Conference, making full use of the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative and strengthening the supporting policies and services to give a boost to the internationalization of Donyang’s characteristic industries such as construction, film, and woodcarving; further expand overseas markets; and promote Dongyang’s international influence.

Finally, Huang Min noted that the construction industry is one of the first internationalizing industries and one of the most powerful and experienced industries in Dongyang. Enterprises, the DCIDA, and the government must cooperate with each other to assist Dongyang’s construction industry in internationalization. (By Lu Yongrong, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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