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Action Plan in Foreign Trade
Post Time: 01/08/2018


In order to strengthen Jinhua’s advantages in foreign trade and accelerate the pace of its transformation from a “big” city to an “advantageous” city in international trade, the Jinhua government has published a document on foreign trade: “The Action Plan to Promote Foreign Trade in Jinhua (2018-2020).”

By 2020, Jinhua aims to catch up with the national and provincial increase rates of exports, and to rank top three in Zhejiang Province in total exports. The export value of mechatronics, high-tech, and local brand products should respectively take up 40%, 3%, and 5% of the total export value; newly-developed industries such as market purchases, cross-border e-commerce, and integrated services of foreign trade shall develop at the forefront of Zhejiang Province and all of China; and foreign trade will contribute increasingly to the Jinhua economy.


Establishing New Trade Centers

By 2020, the goal is for the number of cross-border e-commerce companies to exceed 10,000, and retail sales should reach 5 million RMB. There should be more than five local cross-border e-commerce companies whose export value is over 10 million US dollars.


Cultivating International Trade Companies

The city should have 1200 newly-registered international trade companies every year, 600 of which should have actual foreign trade deals. The focus will be on the development of the 100 leading enterprises, and 10 large companies should have export values exceeding 500m RMB.


Expanding the Global Market

Jinhua aims to enhance cooperation with well-known exhibition-managing enterprises and support the companies to open up new markets, with the number of exhibitions held overseas exceeding 100. By 2020, the export value to countries along the Belt and Road should account for over 45% of Jinhua’s total value of exports.


Improving Enterprises’ Cross-Border Management

By 2020, Jinhua intends to have 15-20 overseas warehouses and several domestic cross-border enterprises that can set up international networks and distribute resources worldwide.


Promoting Joint Development of International Trade and Upgrade of Industries

By 2020, there should be between five and eight bases for export companies, and more than two provincial demonstrative areas.


Promoting Joint Development of International Trade and Bilateral Investment

By 2020, internationally funded enterprises’ export value should account for over 5% of the total export value of Jinhua. In addition, Jinhua intends to have at least one Madrid-Yiwu Train running every day and 1000 trains over the course of the whole year.


Advancing Service Industries

From 2018 to 2020, the annual increase rate of the export value of services should exceed 10%, and its total value should reach 40 bn RMB in 2020.


Promoting Process Manufacturing

    By 2020, Jinhua aspires to have between five and eight provincial demonstrative enterprises in the process manufacturing industry.


Innovating the Import Trade Development System

From 2018 to 2020, Jinhua’s increase rate of imports should be higher than the provincial and national averages.


Optimizing the Environment for Foreign Trade Development

    Jinhua is committed to carrying out the 18 measures brought up by the General Administration of Customs to improve the convenience of cross-border trades, and to simplify the liquidation process at customs. (Hu Zhenan, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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