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Yiwu’s Int’l Trade Increasing
Post Time: 20/08/2018


There are many kinds of products with distinctive features in Yiwu, World Commodities City. Both local enterprises and international companies in Yiwu are benefitting from the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative.

If you stay at each shop for just five minutes, it would take over one year to visit all of Yiwu International Trade Market, where there are 75,000 shops with over 6.4 million m2 of business area. Additionally, there are many international businessmen from countries along the B&R dealing in international trade.

“When Premier Li Keqiang visited Montenegro, he once tasted this Villa red wine,” said Li Yunde, head of Yiwu Villa Wine Company, with a bottle of beautifully packaged red wine in his hand. Thanks to the B&R Initiative, this brand of red wine has quickly entered the Chinese market. Li stated that the B&R Initiative is popular with countries along the B&R, and the economic and trade cooperation between the enterprises in Yiwu and ones in Serbia and Montenegro in the Balkan Peninsula has also developed rapidly. Additionally, Yiwu’s enterprises have taken the opportunity to further develop their exports, making more high-quality “Made in China” products go global. Serbians are very interested in products from Yiwu International Commodities Market, especially clothing and shoes, so the sales of these products are excellent.


Malaysia, located in the strategic area of Southeast Asia, is an important player in the B&R. Guo Jifu grew up as a third-generation expat Chinese living in Malaysia and is engaged in the jewelry trade in Yiwu. Now he has been living in Yiwu for over 15 years. As a businessman, a stable business environment is a fundamental and important factor. Guo said that the commencement of the B&R Initiative made him feel the support of Yiwu and all of China behind international business, which also increased his sense of belonging. Guo, in return, has made contributions to Yiwu. For these contributions, in January of 2018 he was given the award Yiwu’s Moral Model and was the first international businessman to earn such an award.

Guo Jifu (right)

There are currently over 15,000 international businessmen from more than 100 countries living in Yiwu. They deal in various international businesses, which has greatly promoted Yiwu’s economy, built Yiwu’s status as a World Commodities City, and shown the success of the B&R Initiative. With the development of the China Railway Express (CRE) and the Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan Corridor, the global trade platform has continued to develop in Yiwu. (By Wang Zi, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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