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Rapid Development of CRE
Post Time: 31/08/2018


According to available statistics, the operations of the China Railway Express (CRE) in the first half of 2018 are close to those of the entirety 2017, and the outward trips of CRE trains have already exceeded those of 2017.

Staff from Yiwu Timex Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. stated that in 2017, the CRE transported nearly 14,900 containers of goods in total and executed 168 regular trips, with 119 outward trips carrying 11,200 containers and 49 return trips with 3636 containers. From January to July of 2018, the CRE has transported about 13,900 containers and executed 158 regular trips, with 132 outward trips carrying 12,000 containers and 26 return trips with 1,906 containers.

By the end of July of 2018, the cargo train starting from Yiwu had traveled 463 times since its inauguration with almost 39,000 containers, including 367 outward trips with 32,900 containers and 96 return trips with 6044 containers. (By He Bailin, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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