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Silk Railroad Launches
Post Time: 05/09/2018


The year 2018 marks the 5th anniversary of the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative. In this extraordinary year, a two-episode series named The Silk Railroad, a first-ever co-production by China Global Television Network (CGTN) and National Geographic, was launched. The documentary includes two episodes—“Yiwu and Chengdu—and is co-presented by British historian Sam Willis and CGTN reporter Li Qiuyuan. They investigate how the China Railway Express (CRE) is benefiting the countries and people along the route of the B&R.

On September 2, the first episode of The Silk Railroad was aired on CGTV. In the first episode, the reporters visited the city of Yiwu in Zhejiang Province and interviewed staff at Yiwu Railway Port, officials of Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center, and businessmen at the China Imported Commodities City to understand the history of this New Silk Road.

Two thousand years ago, it would take a year for merchandise to be transported between China and Europe. But today, thanks to the “Silk Railroad”—an international freight railway network that connects China to cities across Europe—consumer goods can make it from East China to London in just 14 days. The launch of the CRE has vital significance for economic exchanges and mutual understanding between China and Europe. Yiwu and Chengdu, as the original stations of the two main routes of the CRE, play an important role in the New Silk Road. (By Cao Xiaorong Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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