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China-Africa Cultural Exchange
Post Time: 13/09/2018


The opening ceremony of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was held on September 3. President Xi Jinping hosted the ceremony and delivered a keynote speech titled “Work Together for Common Development and a Shared Future.” The speech aroused heated discussions among Chinese and African experts, entrepreneurs, and the media. Wang Heng, Party secretary of the Party General Branch of the Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University (IASZNU) wrote an article titled “Opening a New Era of China-Africa Cultural Exchange,” which was published on the seventh edition on Guangming Daily on September 4. The following is an excerpt of the original article:

China-Africa cultural exchanges are becoming closer and more diversified: exchange platforms like South Africa-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism, along with the China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Program, are playing increasingly important roles; exchange activities such as the China-Africa Think Tanks Forum (CATTF), Africa-China Youth Festival, Forum of China-Africa Media Cooperation, and Africa-China High-Level Dialogue were held successfully; in-depth China-Africa cooperation in science, education, sports, art, film, and youth activities as well as non-governmental exchanges are being carried out. These cultural exchanges at different levels and in different fields express the common vision and friendship of the Chinese and African peoples.   

The South Africa-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism was established on April 24, 2017. It is a strategic decision made by Chinese President Xi Jinping and former South African President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma on China-South Africa relations, an important action to implement the outcome of the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation as well as the first governmental high-level people-to-people exchange mechanism between China and Africa. It exerts an important and far-reaching impact in strengthening China-South Africa relations, deepening China-Africa cooperation, and promoting South-South cooperation. The Ministry of Education of China has also set up research centers at Zhejiang Normal University and Yunnan University to offer academic support for these mechanisms. 

The China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Program with fruitful achievements is another mechanical platform for China-Africa cultural exchange. The program is a high-level academic exchange under the framework of FOCAC. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of African Affairs, the program focuses on the key theories and problems in China-Africa cooperation and offers wisdom and knowledge for the development of China-Africa cooperation by opening up and discussing, and by uniting experts of academic institutions, think tanks, and media from China and Africa. CATTF is set up as one of the representative dialogue platforms with extensive international influence. Since its foundation in 2011, it has held eight sessions in different cities, including Hangzhou and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has greatly enhanced mutual understanding and expanded the consensus of China and Africa.  

There are also achievements in China-Africa scientific and technological cooperation. On July 24, 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South African President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa attended the South Africa-China Scientists High Level Dialogue in Pretoria and both spoke highly of the scientific cooperation projects proposed in the document of the Summit. The achievements made by the scientists of China and South Africa have attracted the attention of scientists worldwide, which deepens the China-South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership and becomes a new growth point for expanding mutually beneficial cooperation between China and South Africa.

(Translated by Pan Yinghua, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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