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Increasing Exports to the EU
Post Time: 20/02/2019


The European Union (EU) is the second largest export market of Jinhua. According to statistics provided by Jinhua Customs, Jinhua’s total exports to the EU reached 53.97 billion RMB in 2018, a year-over-year increase of 12.6%, accounting for 14.8% of Jinhua’s total export volume. Jinhua’s exports to the major countries in the EU—Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and France—maintained growth, with the exception of the United Kingdom.

Jinhua’s goods exported to the EU were mainly electromechanical products, clothing and accessories, textiles, and plastic products. Among them, the export of electric bicycles increased significantly. According to statistics, last year, Jinhua’s e-bikes exported to the EU reached 1.26 bn RMB, an increase of 28.9%, accounting for 45.8% of the total volume of e-bikes exported.

Although Jinhua’s exporting of e-bikes was prosperous, the following trade barriers also brought troubles to the relevant enterprises. As of January 19, 2019, the EU has imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties ranging from 18.8% to 79.3% on e-bikes imported from China. (By Fang Jing, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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