Yiwu Delegation to European Countries

Post Time: 2019-06-05


From May 22 to 31, Lin Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to visit the Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain. The visit aimed to accelerate the transformation of the Yiwu-Europe China Railway Express (YECRE) and the Belt & Road Czech Station (BRCS) into important platforms for Zhejiang’s Belt and Road construction as well as promote exchanges and cooperation between Yiwu and the three European countries in the fields of logistics, cross-border e-commerce, import, education, and culture. During the visit, the delegation conducted intensive negotiations and inspections, signed cooperation projects, and carried out investment promotion practice, which all yielded fruitful results.

The BRCS is Zhejiang’s first overseas station complex. With its construction starting last year, the BRCS has begun to take shape and some of its sub-projects have gone into service. On May 25, Che Jun, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, led a delegation from Zhejiang to inspect the Pavlov Logistics Park of the BRCS. He listened to Lin Yi’s working report and praised the team’s work in the construction of the BRCS.

During his stay in the Czech Republic, Lin Yi participated in the meeting with the president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, together with the Zhejiang delegation. President Zeman expressed his support for accelerating the construction of the BRCS and promoting the operation of the YECRE. He agreed to establish a connecting committee to further promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

The Yiwu delegation inspected the BRCS Logistics Park, the BRCS Freight Yard, and the Zhejiang Silk Road Center. The delegation also conducted in-depth communication with heads of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and Investment, the Spanish Logistics Transport Association, and the Spanish Railway Transport Corporation to promote the high-quality development of the YECRE. In addition, Yiwu Tianmeng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. signed purchase agreements with customers of the YECRE.

Exchanges on education and culture were another important part of this visit. The Yiwu delegation signed a framework agreement with the Association for German Education to introduce the German Educational Equipment Exhibition to Yiwu. The delegation also held talks with representatives from the Czech Republic and Spain on promoting an atmosphere committed to football.

During the visit, the Yiwu delegation visited the relevant Chinese agencies abroad. Zhang Jianmin, Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic; Zhang Junhui, minister of the Chinese Embassy in Germany; and Yao Fei, minister of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, all expressed their support for Yiwu’s participation in the Belt and Road construction. (By Gong Yan – Yiwu Business, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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