Business Matchmaking Conference

Post Time: 2019-11-19

      On November 11, Jinhua witnessed the launching of Belt & Road Initiative Precise Business Matchmaking Conference on Innovative Resources at the 18th Industrial Technology Cooperation Conference. Over 150 participants, including professionals from Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine as well as 117 technology companies in Jinhua, gathered to discuss cooperation and common development.

      One of the key activities of this conference, business matchmaking is a practice of building “a human community with a shared destiny,” and it is a further opening up to the outside world.




      At the conference, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries edited and distributed 79 positive technological results. Provisionally, four college-and-company cooperation projects were agreed upon.

      “This event is of great significance for promoting international scientific and technological cooperation between Jinhua and the countries along the Belt & Road. It attracted international high-quality scientific and technological innovation resources and promoted scientific and technological research and transformation in Jinhua,” said an official of the Science and Technology Bureau in Jinhua.

      The official also introduced that the city would continue to promote opening up in Jinhua, mainly through China Railway Express, major thoroughfares and e-commerce.

      At the same time, Jinhua will take advantage of the colleges in Jinhua to bridge the economic and cultural connections internationally. (By Wang Fei—Jinhua Daily, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)