Meteorological Services for the CRE

Post Time: 2019-12-13

On December 9, the Yiwu-Madrid China Railway Express (CRE) left Yiwu railway port, and on that day the temperature in Alataw Pass, Xinjiang, through which the train would pass, was as low as -10℃. To protect the products from the extreme weather, the staff on the train always check weather reports posted by the Belt and Road Business Weather Station via phone before departure.

The CRE line also passes through the Bailifeng District, where the wind is strong year-round; Turpan, a city well known for its high temperatures; and the Seine River Basin, an area characterized by heavy precipitation. These extreme weather changes can seriously affect the operation of the train and the storage of the cargo, as well as the quality of certain commodities such as electronics, food, and cosmetics.

According to He Feng, director of the Yiwu Meteorological Bureau, a professional service team composed of experts from provincial-level, municipal-level, and county-level meteorological departments inquired with more than 2000 logistics companies about their needs for professional meteorological services online and offline. They sorted and analyzed the collected data, then exerted great effort to design products offering meteorological logistics services that would be professional, advanced, highly integrated, and convenient for users. These products can ameliorate the problems caused by bad weather during the operation of the train.

With the help of logistics companies, the Yiwu Meteorological Bureau has obtained the previous meteorological data on the CRE, analyzed meteorological information from the countries and cities along the line, and developed the “meteorological logistics black box” to monitor the environment inside and outside of the containers. (By Zhang Zhichang, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)