Yiwu Cross-Border E-Commerce Companies Resume Work

Post Time: 2020-02-18
      February 10 was the first workday after the extended Spring Festival holiday. At 8 a.m., some employees from the Landport Group had already come to the Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center. They placed a desk in front of the entrance to be a temperature check station and stood behind the desk armed with face masks, goggles, gloves, and infrared thermometers. Under their guidance, several employees from the three cross-border e-commerce companies with permission to resume work went to the spot designated and waited to have their temperatures checked.

After being checked, the employees entered their workplace. “The first thing we did today was disinfect the door handles, switches, and machines to keep the work area clean,” said Liu Aiming, director of the Yiwu Fischer Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., during a telephone interview. He is not allowed to return to Yiwu from his hometown for the time being due to the coronavirus, so he had to give instructions via WeChat.

At 2 p.m., once the place was completely sterilized, employees from Yiwu Fischer Supply Chain Management began sorting and packing the goods in the store. “During the extended Spring Festival, we accumulated 60,000 orders that could not be shipped and delivered due to the coronavirus outbreak. The first task for us is to contact the express delivery company to send all the goods to our customers,” said Liu. Inside their 5000-square-meter warehouses, 1.8 million products were stored, including imported cosmetics, health products, and baby and maternity products.

“Thanks to the support of the municipal government and the service of the Bonded Logistics Center of Lugang Group, we are approved to return to work and have enough time to adjust our strategy. It’s such a relief,” said Liu. They imported 22 containers of health products, milk powder, and other goods from Australia and New Zealand before Spring Festival. However, these goods are still stranded in Shanghai Pudong Airport, Yangshan Port of Shanghai, and Zhoushan Port of Ningbo because of the coronavirus, resulting in large storage costs. As the company resumed work, Liu coordinated with the freight company to transport the stranded containers back to Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center.

Zhejiang Yida Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was one of the earliest companies to be introduced to the center. Ren Yiming, manager of the company, said that most of his employees come from other cities and provinces, and currently they can only return to work through WeChat and other phone contact. “After the outbreak of the coronavirus, the domestic market was short of protective supplies. We urgently purchased goods such as face masks and disinfecting goods through companies in Japan, South Korea, and other countries, and got them delivered to our warehouse on February 7 after the Yiwu Customs inspection,” said Ren. “Among the first batch of 100,000 imported masks, we will donate 30,000 to the volunteers who are fighting the virus in Yiwu.”

As of February 11, more than 80 companies from Lugang E-Commerce Town have applied for permission to resume work. They are preparing the documents required such as applications, liability forms, employee lists, etc. They will get the permission to return to work after the review of the documents and on-site evaluation. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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